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Chairman’s Speech

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Chairman’s Speech

Chairman’s Speech

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  In the days of bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new, our new website is launched. Please allow me to extend my sincere greetings to customers on behalf of all staff. Happy New Year. Wish you good health, booming business and prosperity!

Our Company kept sustainable development in the past year. In spite of the great changes of domestic and international economic conditions, we have achieved outstanding performance. Meanwhile, our company has made certain achievements by virtue of the great support and help of new and old customers as well as the concerted efforts of all staff. In addition, our company guarantees stable product quality, continuously improves technological level, increases customer resources, develops domestic and foreign market, promotes popularity and reputation and wins the recognition and trust of more and more customers.
Our company emphasizes product R&D, makes a huge investment in R&D of cold press forming aluminum foil, applies for the provincial innovation fund project and obtains national invention patents for product technology. Meanwhile, our company has been granted DMF by the FDA, has been certified to SFDA and has been rated as national high-tech enterprise.

While emphasizing product R&D, our company also continuously develops domestic and foreign market, participates in domestic and foreign exhibitions, expands international market channel, develops domestic high-end customers, gradually wins the trust of customers and creates famous brand of pharmaceutical packaging material— “cold press forming aluminum”.


Although we have made certain achievements, we realize our deficiencies. We are modest and eager to learn, examine ourselves, meet challenges and continuously improve ourselves. Opportunities bring splendidness and innovation creates a great career. We will gain new hopes in the new year, embark on a new journey and realize our new dreams. 2015 is crucial to create dreams and set sail. We wish you a happy family, good health, a smooth career and good luck in the new year.

Chairman: Zhou Chun: