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New material is vast medical innovation

New material is vast medical innovation

New material is vast medical innovation

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Global aging make heart disease, diabetes, kidney failure and other age-related diseases incidence rising; the patient more and more countries turn to family or small clinic care; medical profession increasingly widely used minimally invasive surgery; microscopic magnifying glass, remote medical monitoring , electronic medical diagnosis, wearable medical devices and other medical technology and the gradual integration of IT technology; creating and mutation ...... these new changes and trends in emerging infectious virus not only to the development of medicine and medical services, a series of problems, for medical equipment and products, medical materials resistant to disinfection, sterilization resistance, chemical resistance and bio-compatibility of materials, it also brings new challenges. Around these new changes, the reporter recently interviewed vice president of global consumer goods and industrial marketing operations of Bayer MaterialScience polycarbonate material Pan Qiaozhi medical discussed polycarbonate (PC) material how to deal with the trend of globalization, support for the medical industry and medical equipment Innovation.
Leading: Polycarbonate functional excellence
Pan Qiaozhi has 10 years of experience serving the health care market, has extensive management experience in the United States and polycarbonate business in North America. Speaking of Bayer polycarbonate, his face filled with pride. "1950, Bayer invented polycarbonate, polycarbonate and begin commercial production. This is the Bayer aspirin in 1890 following the invention is another major contribution to mankind. Subsequently, Bayer launched applies to kidney dialysis blood oxygenator and used in cardiac surgery and other medical equipment products polycarbonate; application of medical grade polycarbonate Makrolon, the development of a variety of functions resistant to gamma rays, anti-bacterial, anti-oil and other polycarbonate medical equipment and products in 2010, Bayer achieved thanks to the Blue medical grade polycarbonate and mold to the Blue commercialization. "
Pan Qiaozhi introduction, Bayer for the medical device industry's main products include Makrolon polycarbonate, thanks to the Blue PC / ABS and mold to the Blue PC / polyester alloy, high temperature Ya Pa PC copolymer. These new materials not only have a glass-like transparency, but also has high strength, impact resistance, high temperature, low water absorption, easy processing performance, in terms of medical equipment, is particularly important to the biocompatibility and resistance to sterilization and disinfection performance, which is also in the field, Bayer has a long-term ahead of the competition. These new materials are used in the medical device industry, portable oxygen, kidney dialysis, a wearable drug delivery systems, field intravenous transfusion parts, surgical instruments and so on.
In Europe and the United States and other Western markets, Bayer polycarbonate material into the medical device and product manufacturers attention and choice. In China and other emerging markets disposable medical device market is also growing demand for its rapid growth.